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My name is Daniel Graziotin. I am a senior researcher (Akademischer Rat) in software engineering at the Institute of Software Technology, University of Stuttgart.

There is a fair chance that you are reading this after landing on one of my posts or project page. On my website, I ramble a lot about my research activities, which span from human and behavioral aspects of software engineering (such as the happiness of software developers) to open science and research itself.

Here you can read more about me or contact me.
Oh yeah, I am a coffee junkie. If you meet me around, ask to have a coffee together.


Recent Research

Here you can see all my publications and access all of them for free, as open access.

Latest stories

Effectiveness of Open Science Policies at ESEC/FSE 2019


Introduction For those who don’t know me, I have been advocating for open science (open access, open data, and open source) practices in software engineering research for many years now. Sometimes I could push my role into a more practical, hands-on one, and I could help developing better tools or platforms towards openness. Other times, my passion has been recognized to put me into more...

[Explained] Boon, bias or bane? The potential influence of reviewer recommendations on editorial decision-making


Tennant, J. P., Penders, B., Ross-Hellauer, T., Marušić, A., Squazzoni, F., Mackay, A. W., . . . , Graziotin, D., Nicholas, D. (2019). Boon, bias or bane? The potential influence of reviewer recommendations on editorial decision-making. European Science Editing, 45(1), 2-4. doi:10.20316/ese.2019.45.18013 Open access. Click the link and read the paper. Research studies usually end up with a...

ineed.coffee is tracking free


Over the last years, there has been an ever increasing interest in Internet Privacy as a way to counteract the worryingly demand  by Internet companies to track users and their behavior, often for advertising purposes. I joined the movement and, while I do not consider myself as a privacy advocate, I do provide my fair share of recommendations to family and friends. Something that was bugging me...

mbpfan moved to linux-on-mac organization


I have just moved mbpfan to the linux-on-mac Github organization. That means that I am formally not the owner of mbpfan anymore. That is fine, though! As explained in issue #194: I started this project back in 2012 as a way to fix some annoyances I was having with GNU/Linux on a MacBook Pro and as a way to refresh my knowledge of C. It turned out I was not the only one annoyed with the situation...

[Explained] Foundations for Open Scholarship Strategy Development


Together with a large group (32) of researchers belonging to all disciplines, we formed a committee to draft a proposal for strategies to develop open scholarship (like open science but broader to include all disciplines) at individual, group, and national level, and short, mid, and long-term. The document was developed as a response to some criticisms to the open science movement that, as a...

How to disclose data for double-blind review and make it archived open data upon acceptance


Openness in science is key to fostering progress via transparency, reproducibility and replicability. While open access and open data are two fundamental pillars in open science, it is open data that builds the core for excellence in evidence-based research. This is why I have striven for years to bring open science practices, including open access and open data, to software engineering research...

[Explained] How do you feel, developer? An explanatory theory of the impact of affects on programming performance


Graziotin, D., Wang, X., & Abrahamsson, P. (2015). How do you feel, developer? An explanatory theory of the impact of affects on programming performance. PeerJ Computer Science, 1, e18. doi:10.7717/peerj-cs.18 Open access. Click the link and read the study. We have established that pre-existing affect (or, one might dare to say, happiness) of software developers is positively correlated with...

Retiring rchiveit and its rchive.it domain


Four years have passed since the launch of rchiveit and its domain rchive.it. For those who did not know, rchiveit is (used to be) a modern frontend to SHERPA/RoMEO, for discovering how and when to self-archive academic articles and make them openly accessible to everybody in the worlds. I developed rchiveit mainly for two reasons: to refresh my JavaScript knowledge (and tryout Bootstrap), and to...

mbpfan v2.0.0 with universal sensor detection, man page, support for clang, and more


This should perhaps be codenamed “nobody-will-believe-I-released-it”. After almost two years of no stable releases, I am proud (and also a bit ashamed) of announcing mbpfan v2.0.0. Download it here Compare all changes here. Major improvements Support for CentOS using new kernel but old sensors path #92 Universal support for sensors path regardless of kernel version #92 Added man page...

Importing and registering your car to Germany


So you want to import your car to Germany. Oh dear, where do I start? This has been the longest, most exhausting, time consuming, and the only (so far) ridiculous bureaucracy-related operation we had to perform in Germany. Here I summarize the sequence of long operations that you need to perform. All of them require the previous one to be completed. Buy a green emission decal. Begin the German...

How to write an ACM-styled conference paper using Markdown/Pandoc


I do not have much time for writing this post. Please insert here the obligatory rant against LaTeX syntax despite of its powerful functionality. Also insert here how Markdown syntax is fresh and readable. Let’s go straight to the point. I don’t know about my peers, but if LaTeX lacked support from editors and plugins for achieving desirable features such as quick autocompletion (especially when...

If you can’t beat ‘em..clean ’em. Using imapfilter for remote rules to an IMAP mailbox


Software engineers receive tons of e-mails. Academics do, too. I am both. As several users do, I use inbox rules to flow my incoming messages. For example, e-mails concerning call for papers go straight to an inbox folder called CFP. E-mails related to editorial concerns go to a folder called EDITORIAL. E-mails sent to several distribution lists go to..the trash. And so on. When using systems...

Banche e assicurazioni in Germania


In Germania un conto corrente viene utilizzato molto più che in Italia. Solo per fare un esempio, i centri di revisione e di registrazione veicoli richiedono un mandato SEPA. Consiglio vivamente di tentare di aprire un conto corrente in banca (Girokonto) appena troverai un appartamento, ancora prima di traslocare. In questo post presumo che cercherai di aprire un conto corrente “fisico” (non...

Banks and insurances in Germany


Germany relies on banks much more than Italy. I strongly advise you to attempt to open a bank account (Girokonto) as soon as you find a flat, before relocating to Germany. Here I assume that you will look for a non online-only bank account. I wrote attempt to open an account because most of the banks expect you to have a German residence and address when you open a bank account. That said, most...

Farti conoscere dallo stato Germania


La dichiarazione di residenza Registrare la propria residenza (Anmeldung) é più semplice che in Italia. Il nome dell’ufficio pubblico non é però lo stesso in tutte le città tedesche. Per esempio, la Anmeldung a Stoccarda può essere fatta in un qualsiasi Burgerbüro, simili ai nostri centri civici, a prescindere da dove si viva nella città. É importante ricordare che la Anmeldung vada fatta entro...

Letting Germany know you


The residency declaration Registering your new residency (Anmeldung) is quite straightforward. The name of the public office is not the same in every German city. For example, the Anmeldung for Stuttgart can be done in any Burgerbüro (no matter where you live in the city). Please note that you should perform the Anmeldung within two weeks from your relocation. The actual form is rather simple, as...

Affitto in Germania


Trovare un appartamento Non é sempre semplice trovare un appartamento nelle grandi città della Germania. Nel nostro caso, abbiamo dovuto iniziare le ricerche circa 4 mesi prima del trasloco. Il modo più comune per cercare appartamenti in Germania é attraversi siti Web specializzati. La cosa mi ha sorpreso non poco, visto che in Italia é comune recarsi in agenzie immobiliari per cercare...

About Author


Dr. Daniel Graziotin is a senior researcher (Akademischer Rat) at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. His research interests include human, behavioral, and psychological aspects of empirical software engineering, studies of science, and open science. He is associate editor at the Journal of Open Research Software and academic editor at the Research Ideas and Outcomes (RIO) journal. Daniel was awarded an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship for postdoctoral researchers in 2017, the European Design Award (bronze) in 2016, and the Data Journalism Award in 2015. He received his Ph.D. in computer science at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy.